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Bangkok Thai is home to fine central Thai cuisine!

     After more than 10 years of experience in Thai Restaurant. Most people know Thai cuisine for being spicy with a strong taste from herbs and spices. The national cuisine of Thailand has a variety of dishes and balance of tastes i.e. sweet, sour, salty and spicy etc. In Thailand, Thai cuisine has described as four regional cuisines corresponding to four main regions of the country i.e. Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern region. Each regional cuisine has some common food and some food is derived from neighboring countries so the taste of cuisines from each region has their own character.


     Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand located in the central region. All Thai cuisines from all Thai regions are centered and merged into the Central style Thai food. Therefore, we name Bangkok Thai for our restaurant to represent our style of Thai cuisine carefully prepared in our kitchen. We use highest quality ingredients i.e. fresh vegetables, white meat chickens, sirloin beef, organic tofu, jumbo shrimps, and vegetable oil etc. in all menus. Also, we do not put any MSG at all and there is no fish sauce in the food because we are care of vegetarian customers as well.


     By Thai owner and Thai chefs, all food is traditional and thoughtfully cooked dish-by-dish in order to introduce authentic and finest Thai entrees to all customers. We also have a kid menu that is carefully selected for your lovely children. We offer dine-in and take-out of Thai recipes. You can come to dine in to get traditional Thai cuisine and full service in our contemporary environment and casual style to create a happy dining experience for you, your friends and your family. Although we are a small restaurant, the supreme Thai cuisine and great service will make you enjoy and experience Thai food here in Raleigh and not need to travel more than 24 hours by flight to the other side of the world.


     Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will come to enjoy and experience authentic Thai food at our restaurant.


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